Regal • Witty • Demanding • Playful • Superior • Dominant • Beautiful • Haughty • Sadist • Experienced • Aggressive
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Bask in the Glory that is Me

I am a Mistress Fire Starter, professional Dominatrix and lifestyle Mistress, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. I am known for going from regal, poised domina to cold, smiling bitch in .5 secs, I do not and will not tolerate insolence of any form. you will show Me respect or I will show you the door. Even though I am not a "money domme" I do require you show your devotion through tributes.

Standing at 5'4 barefoot, 6'2 in My highest heels, and weighing in at 130 lbs; I am a paralyzing vision of immaculate beauty. My sensual hourglass figure will cause you to dribble in all of the right places. My delicious size 8.5s will also do their part in reminding you why you belong beneath Me and My royal feet. Foot lovers beware, My toes have caused weak men to go broke.

pet's Feet + My Boots

I am a playful sadist that enjoys pushing your limits. I have been in the lifestyle for 11 years and have experience in the ways of controlling a submissive, like yourself. Understand that I really don't care about you, your needs or your wants. I simply use this knowledge to mold you into My idea of what a "perfect slave" should be.

I truly believe that domination IS an art, and is NOT a form of prostitution. Do not insult Me by asking for any sexually related services. This is the ultimate form of disrespect! I have few limits and I am open to most BDSM activities but I will not entertain suggestions for scenes where My limits are being pushed. I am available for domination only! I do not give foot, hand, or any other type of "job"!

Need to serve Me right now? Good. Read on.

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